Jake Partusch

About Me

I am a software architect, speaker, and engineer who loves all things JavaScript. I’m constantly on the search for new skills and techniques to build performant, accessible and user-friendly web applications. Currently, I am the Director of Web and Mobile at Object Partners where I lead front-end product development for multiple clients. When I’m not writing code, I love to read, golf, and spend time with my family.
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    A website accessibility crawler and cli

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    Fantasy Tools

    A suite of tools for fantasy football players. Built with React and serverless technologies on AWS.

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    Page Speed Insights Action

    A GitHub action that utilizes Google's Page Speed Insights to generate a performance report

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    Lighthouse CLI

    The easiest way to integrate Lighthouse performance checks without a Chromium dependency

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    Gatsby Theme Gallery

    A Gatsby theme to display a Contentful-based gallery of images.

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    This Website

    This site is built with Gatsby and TailwindCSS

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    Garmin Node API

    An npm package for retrieving steps and other data from a Garmin Connect account.

  • TIL about a11y

    Quick tips on making websites more accessible. Presented at Barcamp Omaha.

  • Chatbot Presentation

    A presentation that is centered around building a chatbot with AWS tools. Presented at AWS Omaha Meetup.

  • AWS Workshop

    A short workshop for getting started with Lex, DynamoDB, and Lambda. Presented at Athene's internal developer conference.